Best update soo far, made hunting vegas fun

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loving the new vega 50s, really brought back some excitement to the game. Finally kixeye listened to the gamers and created a super vega. plus the blueprints are an added incentive to hit the vegas. Great job kixeye and keep up the good work, even though the drop rate is a little low for the blueprints from a vega 50, the added excitement makes it worth hitting.

All in all great update and an idea for the next upate, make it possible for players to group up and attack the vega complexes. 

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    true friend, I agree with you, also enjoyed this update! I keep attacking VEGA now! haha

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    Agree aswell, atleast now we have somthing to do while we wait for res and upgrades to finish. And i love the reactions, so many ppl said oh they wont be doing blueprints, that'll never happen lol( EQUINOX) looks like u were wrong. All in all great update kix, the best u had so far.


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    Sucks, its now farmville. Give us BPs on bases so we can have some fun instead.

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    Glad to hear you all like the update, the team worked very hard to get out some great blueprints. There are lots to find and many great combinations of builds with this new tech. Happy hunting!

    Sinnes, your feedback is heard, next time try and be a little more constructive. Being constructive on this matter will greatly help getting actions taken.

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    It's got me playing more than I was. But I agree that there should be more than just Fleet blueprints. Battle Pirates took far too long introducing blueprints for base defense, in my opinion. Hoping to see some love there soon.

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