what's the best weapon to put in Bridge ?

The Aries
The Aries
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hey guys.
Bridge is essential for the defense of a base, because it has more health than a CombatModule, then I would know the opnion of you on what would be the best weapon to put in Bridge.
I have in my Bridge, PlasmaChargers, but it seems that this weapon can be easily destroyed by "Destroyers with Mass Drivers". What do you guys think?

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  • Cougar_Bait
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    If your bridge is getting wrecked by mass drivers then put a deflection shield on that'll slow down the mass drivers.

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  • Ken McGuire
    Ken McGuire
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    I have had my best long range weapon on my bridge (currently plasma torpedos) since I built my base so that it can help a bit with my whole base defense.  But I have seen a fair number of bases that use lasers on the bridge as a point defense against blitzing - and when a (stupid) fleet gets in range, it is dies fairly fast.  It is a balancing act - to stop both blitz and range attacks, and it sounds like you need the most help with range, and so go (like me) with something that will engage at the longest range you can.
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  • Autumn_Equinox
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    can't go wrong with chargers or laser.
  • Sirenity
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    I have a maxed out laser on my Bridge. I've seen a Bridge with a plasma torp on it and the ships just sat on top of the Bridge taking it out. I do have 4 plasma torps as well which help with the long range attacks. 
  • Jason Halls
    Jason Halls
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    I've a level 4 plasma (soon to be 5).

    Not much point putting range on there unless all other towers are unable to be hit without being fired upon by whatever you have on  the CS
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  • Krazie243
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    Always accompany your Chargers with something long range (preferably Torps) in order to keep away the sniping Destroyers + Mass Drivers.
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  • Lunar Razor
    Lunar Razor
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    i was  wondering the same thing ...probably gonna put laser on there but really want to protect from blitzes since they are whats popular at the moment 

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    I put plasma charger on the Bridge,your bridge must can handdle any kind of threat,so its better with the plasma charge/torpedo
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