Magicsarap, closing threads about Forsaken mission changes

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MagicSarap,  You have locked threads about the changes in Forsaken Missions due to there being numerous 
threads already. Fair enough.

Well, does that not tell you something?
Does that not tell you that replacing outposts with Typhoons has pissed people off?
Forsaken Missions have not changed since it's inception apart from available blueprints.  So lower levels have built fleets 
to accommodate the outposts. Then you bring back typhoons with higher damage, lower res and lower

WHY? That is all I ask, WHY?

I love the fact that the battlecruiserX  is now a blueprint and lower levels can get a decent hull. This will help them
with the next event against the military fleets. With the outposts, us higher levels could help them 
achieve it, with typhoons, that is no longer an option.

So the only logical conclusion is the change is designed to increase revenue.
Why is it every change in Battle Pirates these days a new revenue raiser?

Either have Typhoons and Outposts together or just outposts. 
Fer christ sakes, we are your customers not your enemy! 
Forsaken Mission were supposed  to be to help lower levels, now that is being taken away
unless you coin.

To reiterate, I would like one question answered truthfully.
Why are the Forsaken Missions changed?

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    Tells me you should post in one of those other **** threads.

    Also, nice wall of text.  But since you can't be assed to read the thousand other threads where things have already been responded to, I don't see why he or even I should bother reading yours to answer your questions.


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