KIXEYE please respond to these issues!

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KIXEYE, there are plenty of people having issues with this and it is not our computers because other accounts work fine. It is a problem with your server and our member IDs, please respond to this I have seen multiple unanswered topics.:mad:
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    too **** right respond your server issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The thing is this forum is not the place for support. It's for us to help each other and is "run" by us. When issues are sorted here, it's purely from the dev/mod taking time out from their day and giving us the benefit of their time and knowledge. Obviously, counting the amount of posts and replies from other players, support has a massive backlog again and all will be sorted as soon as it's possible to do so.
    So I suggest you send a support ticket, or if you have already, just patiently wait for the reply and the problem(s) to be sorted.
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    I have sent a ticket, it would be nice to know if they are at least working on it.
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