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hello Kixeye im very displeased with the new changes u made!! I been playing this game for over a year now and I recommended alot of people to play. This idea where u have to stay online 27/7 to repair your platoons is stuped! im not a rich person and cant aford credit cards to use for repairing! Im pissed off for the amount of effort I put in this game for it to come to this. Kixeye dosnt listen to its members and keeps making these changes that no one likes! I know its because Kixeye is cooking up new ideas everyday to try to make people spend money. I want to let you know I plan on quitting war commander and never again accept request from Kixeye games. I also know this message will be deleted by Kixeye because they dont believe anyone should have a say!! I been waiting 3 days now for my platoons to repair and I had it!! why fix something thats not broken?? Kixeye should concentrate on the countless glitches war commander has then making these stuped changes I truly hope others will follow what im going to do and quit this game!!
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    Not deleting it, but closing it as there is no need for another thread on this.
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