Jake K-ski
Jake K-ski
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I noticed that my platoons do not auto repair anymore. Once one is finished it does not start to repair the next one automatically, is this a bug or is this the new way of repairing, ie i must initiate each repair?

  • SonsofGalla
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    Same here!!! Think its Kixeye's way of trying to force us to take out hard cash to buy credits to fasten up repairs!!! I cant sit in front of my computer the whole night waiting for platoon after platoon to repair and its getting a bore to watch the clock and go through the whole storie of logging on and select the next platton. Think I'm not the only 1 with these issues and they will start loosing customers very soon.. myself, I'm very close to go an find somthin new!!!
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    There is more than enough threads on this already /closed
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