no scrap button on base platoon

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edited 20 Jun 2012, 5:01AM
no scrap in base platoon i'm stuck can't change unit in base
  • Mark Whatsitworthtou
    Mark Whatsitworthtou
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    If its infintry go to the barracks, if its a tank go to the war factory
    This is my war commander itinerary ..... Log on. hit repair. start upgrade. find thorium. repair, repair , repair, repair, find thorium, repair , repair, repair, start upgrade....  I do not need metal or oil as i own 160 giant deposits....  
  • Ako Jalaran Pfrs Nuker
    Ako Jalaran Pfrs Nuker
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    not hard bro.. i like the new update easy to use, only i got problem with repair unit.. not auto repair all unit
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