Damage Protection: When does it happen without destroying entire base?

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I am fairly new to war commander, and I was wondering if anybody knew when exactly Damage Protection initiates over a base. For some people I attack, it doesn't pop-up until the every structure is destroyed, and on others, it pops-up before the Command Center is destroyed. Does anybody know exactly when the DP bubble pops up?
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    If a base is 50% damaged, player gets 18 hours of protection.
    If a base is 75% damaged, players gets 36 hours of protection.

    Damage is calculated from the total HEALTH of the base NOT the number of buildings
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    Some have reported yet another Kixeye bug in that on some bases (seems to be random, does not effect all) DP does not kick in until every single building is destroyed (with the exception of the walls).
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