Can't recall fleets, cannot capture resources

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I've rebooted several times, cleared my cach, reload BP several times. I still can't recall my fleets. i had one in base which I sent out - I can't recall it to base nor can I get it to capture a resourse. Otherwise I can send the fleets any where I want to.
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    according to kixeye in the last thread thi scame up in...
    Without getting into specifics, this was unrelated to any updates - past, present or future - and was not server-related.

    If you are still having issues, restart your browsers.
    well when i get bad gateway messages and server unavailable Kixeye that isnt my browser. all the other games i tried worked fine...just battle pirates didnt. then it loaded and kept giving SOS message. i cant dock or attack and whn i try to move my fleets they teleport magically a few minutes away from where they were.
    Ive reloaded the browser, reloaded the game several times still doesnt fix it. so sorry guys the problem is at your end , not with all the players who are experiencing the same problem
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    I cannot get my fleets to go back into dock they are just on guard mode
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    Can not recall fleets, can not attack

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    this is crap
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