Best stuff for Survivors, again.

Minor Nuisance
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Here we go again. Survivors gets the bomb unit. Though a scrappy faction, one would think that the technology of CT and Sentinels would have some advantage technologically speaking, but after the release of the Screamer, we see that CT and Sentinels are bunging fools. lol Survivors developed tech that can cripple enemy air units. Well now... Now Kix spews forth this 'Aces' unit comes along and while tech-savvy CT and Sentinels cannot manage to make any High-flier accelerate worth a darn or travel faster than 4, or hit air targets; voila! Survivors comes along and can hit air units, travels at 6.0, had good health and spawns unit upon death?! Now, really.
  • MowBow
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    Well I'm relatively new but I think each faction should have its up's and downs.
    Minor Nuisance
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    as survivors always wil survive! you cant beat em ^^
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