Suggestion to reduce LAG

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We all know that hundreds of fleets on the map add to the lag. With the removal of players ability to hit chore fleets everyone and god is leaving out chore fleets. Memorials are lasting weeks. I'm not asking to bring back fleet hitting just a simple addition that would help us AND you reduce lag. Why not have a 30 min or hour timer on idle fleets? If they sit too long they auto recall? I'm no major game programmer but I do know this is doable and would help everyone.
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  • zeusIII
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    Why not??? Fleet hitting was fun...
  • myersey
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    Why not just get rid of the megas and gantrys no body wants anyway. They didn't need so darn many 125 targets out in this FM. memorials are not causing near as much lag as these megas parked everywhere and most people would just as soon scrape them. Wh not let the ones who don't like them just scrape those that would help a lot.

  • keith.groves3
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    i like we should be able scarp the magas i never use mine and wish i never built it.
  • Alexa the BAE
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    Campaign style raids and similar PvE events will eliminate map clutter and number of active objects on the screen. 
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