Upgrading My base crap and I didnt want it..

Bob Jones64
Bob Jones64
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Why in the hell did parts of my base get upgraded when I am playing the game at my own pace??????I have been working on base defence for 2 years now I get online shoot up from a 57 to a 62 with this crap...WHY WHY WHY??????I sent in a ticket asking to put me back where I was take those fleets back and upgrades....I thought I was doing great with 2 lurkers for my level [57] and watching how fast I rose in rank,but give something that is not wanted by me is PURE B.S.
  • rayden
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    it is what it is  live with it your not the only one that  got lvl'd up we all did thru upgrades
  • Ser_Gregor_Clegane
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    OP got L8 turret upgrades, OP-9, Dock 15, other stuff am sure, like SY 5, 2 fleets, jumped 5 levels for his trouble of accepting quite the gift.. So many chores cut down in the blink of an eye, plus 2 chore fleets (1 was so-so, Bucc Boon fleet)
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  • zeusIII
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    Iz part of the game - you get points for upgrading stuff - even walls, building boats, killing targets & after so many points you go up a lvl. Deal with it....
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