Getting 1 part for a Shepard Omega Base is CRIMINAL

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When you need 80 parts for an Omega Shepard and the base effort is very high to destroy, getting one part is just not right.   I propose we go to destroying bases and set the number at 20 bases for an Omega unit.  Stop this lottery nonsense and 1 part for a very hard base.   This strategy by Kixeye like many is unbalanced.

Also, leave the base out all the time.   Whoever thought that the bases appear based on sector activity was a stupid idea.    I can't be the only one out there that is impacted by having to monitor the game for when the bases drop.  Its a giant waste of my time and has nothing to do with the game other than preventing me from playing.  

Do these two things to increase player satisfaction with the game and events... please for Pete's sake.
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    Yaa. Bs on the 1 part for a base crap...

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    I agree the lottery for parts isnt right. Some people do less then 20 bases for the same units others have to do 60 for. It needs to be a set amount of bases to get a unit. I know someone who did 10 bases and has 40 parts ive done 8 for 18 parts. I got one 5  two 3s and the rest have been 1s and 2s. 
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    I just did 5 bases and it took 1 hour of my time, a whole lot of resources and repair time.   Here is what I received.   Base 1 - 3 parts, Base 2 - 1 part, Base 3 - 1 part, Base 4 - 1 part, Base 5 - 1 part.     I consider this 1 hour of wasted time for very little progress.
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    kixeye never listens... ... agreed... leave the base out during the event.. and the lottery bs have to's grinding it's boring... i dun mind a super hard base that give u 80 parts.. at least it will be fun .. not repeat repeat repeat doing a stupid base.
  • Josep-keisuke
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    I agree but kixeye never listens what the players said, 1 part is wasted time for little progress 
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    I had this same arguement with customer support and their reply was and i quote "Omega units are considered game changing units and players should only expect one part per base and consider multi part bases a bonus" end quote. That was the reply to my ticket after i complained i had to hit 60+ bases to get the 80 parts for omega shepherd and 60+ bases to get the 80 parts for Omega Romero
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    it is not a lottery at all it is a base that rewards parts with diminishing returns
  • ssaine
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    This is why I never hit Omega bases in events, just too stressful.
  • DieBichAzz
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    Last Omega Drop for me....   1, 1, 3, 1, 1 and an hour of my time.   Kixeye is the worst.
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    today i did 10 bases go 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 good to see its random!
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    1->40, random. 40->65 parts, 1,1,1,1,1,2,1,2.......part :'(
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    Just be grateful you're able to clear them

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