Can anyone explain this to me or am I as think as a post?

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The cost is "cheaper" 
28 minutes repair is 7 coins??? 
Now I might be stupid but I ain't that dumb. 
false advertising at its best yes the time has been reduced but the cost hasn't.....
Now they need to fix the banner at the top of the game in my eyes as the cost isn't cheaper its only a 50% repair reduction fix this Kixeye. 
thank you.

  • docstu
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    they reduced the time but not the cost. the units are at the same cost they were before the event started, they reduced the timer but the data for the item has not been changed. you cant do a reduced time like the units in bp. you pay in bp 1 coin per 30 mins no matter what the unit is. here the problem becomes that each unit depending on what it is has a different cost its not universal. so only thing that will be reduced is time but the cost will be the same. 
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    Usual backhand tactics. Luckily the reduced times mean ive not had to coin apart from once thanks to a long **** dc

  • Pedromiguel Machadinho
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    i got robed 9 of gold end was saying free fix lools wht bad joke they are lools
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    It does say cheaper, yet it's full amount.  That's false advertising and can possibly be considered theft by deception if full amount is taken.  I have also had gold vanish when hitting free repair.  I have gotten to the point where I wait until 3 minutes or less to hit free repair, but it still takes away gold even though I start the repair, cancel the repair and then restart it to make sure it's 3 minutes or less. Heck, I had one amount of gold, went to map to do events bases and upon entering my base again, 89 gold had vanished.  How in the heck does 89 gold vanish when not even in my base?  Something is definitely wrong.  Several tried questioning this in kixeye discord quite a few times, but no kix rep would respond.
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    they reduced the time but raised the coining. 50% down in time 50% up in coining.

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    Event is free repair anyways so not sure it matters that Kixeye is behaving how Kixeye has always behaved?
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