Let us move Rows of Walls

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A great upgrade would let us move Rows of Walls to a location. We can upgrade rolls, let us move them also.


  • The Qing
    The Qing
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    You could use the base planner for that you know. Keeping the walls is a pain but placing them is just fine there. If you are going to move most of the walls you can always stash all then redeploy.

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  • The Amazing Jeff
    The Amazing Jeff
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    stash mode then bulk place, I guess moving them in a line would be handy like, once in awhile but I think they've got bigger issues to fix first, like getting the app working again.
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    The base planner isn't working correctly at the moment. When you stash walls then replace them in the base, they don't line up where they are supposed to. I ended up today, laying a line of walls where I wanted them, then had to manually put each wall in the right place.
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