Players cloning toons

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Hi there,I hope Kixeye gonna do something about players cloning toons,like this guy is doing and all his Aliance. TID-R and TID-X
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    sentry's are 100 in size, so we can place 30 in a 3000 limit platoon

    just saying
  • Miauu
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    Hi it will Fitz the point is this guy is using 1000 toons like this one .He is cloning toons.

  • gary larson
    gary larson
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    so are you saying he has unlimtd numbers of  if that is the cass than he more likly has rechd the unlitd number buld point  wich is 45 after you have goten that many you can buld how ever many you want

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    Hello Commander

    If you suspect a player of cheating, report the player using the Report a Suspected Cheater link found in the SUPPORT tab.  

    Posting suspected cheat information in forums will be closed or removed. 

    Closing thread. 

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