metal forge stopped producing

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i was recieving 100's of millions of metal and in the last few days about 4 mil from my lvl 1 metal forge.  anyone else lose their metal forge production?
  • Bod Len
    Bod Len
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    i took an oil deposit to try and make up the difference with the metal production but i didn't get any benefit from it and yes my metal production is way down.

  • BradyBunch
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    I had 8 Deposits and they took them away because of some glitch or something. They said sorry and game me 25 gold. Not worth the trouble of getting them.
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  • Mark_F114
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    my  two type 2 metal producers are way down only got 21 mill in each in 10 hours would have got close to 90 million each when i first got them in same time. screwed again
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