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As we all know alot of our friends are leaving this game,so some of wc players was discussing it on wc discord and most of them have the same suggestion,i am not able to make poll i dont know why i dont have any option.
1.Tokens price or decreasing units level
Tokens price is 400k per token so if you need 55 tokens and to max the unit you need 20 times to finish the event,if the upcoming tokens prices decrease too 200-250 k it will be alot better or if price of tokens cannot be decrease the amount of levels should be decrease to 15.
2.Upgrade time and repairs time
A lot of players are unhappy with the upgrade time,as 1 level of gen 1 plat forms need 4 and half day its really hard to wait for 45 days for just 9 building to upgrade and then comes the turrent 6 day for 1 heavy turrent upgrade so for 1 turrent u need 100 days to max it u total have 4 heavy turrent so u will have to wait for whole year to max it,then comes tech center academy,academy have more than 10 days of upgrade for 1 level,same with unique units 5 days to upgrade elite to omega.
3.Elite and omega parts
We neeed 80 parts for omega and 40 parts for elite people become farmer more than warriors in this game so the parts quantity should also be decreased.
Now a lot of players will be mad that we have coined all the units and building so for units there s a solution that the changes can be made in up comming units leave the units that are present right now,upgrading building,building upgrades should also be reduce i also coined my units then bunkers and other time got decrease too its not a problem,if a new player try to play this game he will run because of seeing this upgrade times and units collection.

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     1 and 3 are worse than 2 by a large margin, because 1 level in gen 2 is better than needing to go through 20 on any given building then switching to gen 2

    3 could be fixed by just allowing us to skip to omega by collecting all the Omega parts. (still a bit of a grind but not as bad of one)

    1 wouldn't be too bad if you could exchange XP for medals at a 1:1 ratio
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    i not remember discord discuss about repairs tokens and omega and elite parts most the time we give suggestion what units idea storm chaser should make sometimes.

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