Time to level out the playing field .

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edited 8 Jun 2019, 2:29PM
Kixeye , I have noticed that you cater to the high level coiners . When something like the Interceptors being used as guard fleets happened , and all the higher levels were getting their base hitting fleets sunk , and they started whining and crying about it , you discontinued using Interceptors as guard fleets . Well , to make it fair , you should allow us low level coiners ( I do coin ) to use Interceptors as guard fleets . Or change the base hitting rules . Change it so a high level player can't hit a player who just turned level 80 . A level 120 or level 130 hitting a 80 is ridiculous . Kix , you need to cater to us low level coiners as well . If you don't I will coin no more . Time to level out the playing field .
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