its all too much

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Why why why more hulls more upgrades more refits more campaigns and lots more titanium needed. It is now a full time job to try to keep up.
It is impossible to play the game for fun and this is why so many senior players are leaving.
We have one shipyard to build refit and upgrade hulls build times are too long its just not possible to play without coining.
why cant Kixeye take note of player concerns and do something about it
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    Every player in the game knows why it is happening, so why ask
    Kixeye have many ways to do things to make the game more affordable for players yet they take the same path every single time 
    in all the years I have played I have never seen it in such a poor state, now that may have something to do with wrongthinkers plans for the game or it may have something to do with wrongthinker doing as instructed 
    But at the end of the day, intentional or not they are destroying the game 
    You are right ... the game is not fun, the TLC's are boring, the constant chores are boring, 2 hulls needed for raids is too much for most and the pay outs on what ever targets you hit just keeps getting worse 
    People starting out in the game have next to no hope in it's current form  
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    This upgrade stuff is getting old fast it's a money grab and for what the hull will be out dated in due time and useless , not only will it tie up a shipyard but the days it takes to do them gives you no time to build the fleets you need to play the game very bad thing to come up with take your upgrades and put them where the sun not shine ! Stop the bull and get back to the basic its a battle game not a build and refit with lots of upgrades now where is the time to play there is no time !

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    do you REALLY think they care?  at this point, over 60% of the big-fish players have quit, nearly every dominant alliance has dismantled because of the greed machine, and if you truly think they are gathering feedback to improve the game, I have some news for ya....
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