Any info about the new enemy unit, "Disciple" ?

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Need info, curious what effect this twisted bishop has...
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    @nametagg0 said:

    I'm actually fairly sure the one in target 5 shot me, but I won't be testing this until I wake up tomorrow

    I'm starting to understand Magic Bunny's perspective...
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    The range is 600 with lock-on ability that works up to around 2000 range.
    Its marking attack has a wide splash area, anything around the targeted unit is also marked.
    Boost reload speed, not sure about charge speed.
    Spawns 2 acolytes upon death.

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    The Disciple is actually quite the solid upgrade over the Bishop if you can get over the fact that these guys are not as fast than your typical Bishops.
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    they also have less health, Bishop isn't a tank but it will take a hot or two, the disciple just melts

    Nova, mines not even elite yet, only charges 2-3 seconds
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    nametagg0 said:

    thx man :smiley:
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