Kara's Warmongers

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Survivor playlist


Faction Story:

Genesis: A group of Sentinels lead by "sister sheila" enter the sector 
RevelationSentinels start to conduct genetic experimentation within the sector to create super-soldiers many are unwilling participants and join the fight against the Sentinels when freed by the commander among those liberated is kara

 (im guessing around this time would be where Sheila left the Sentinels to join the Commander)

 * unidentified snipers are seen engaging Sentinels bases* 

 RaptureKara is revealed to be leading the "Survivors" of the Sentinel's experimentation against the Sentinels 
Kara and the Survivors support the commander in combating Sentinel fortifications eventually leading them to be pushed out of the sector 

 *Kara remains with the commander due to Sheila being with them while other Survivors take refuge in bases taken over from the Sentinels

the Commander and the Survivors make a trade. the commander gives the Survivors technologies stolen from the Red Lokusts in return for the Survivor's aid in fending off the alliance of the Red Lokusts and Sickle Syndicate 

 Stormfront potential conflict between Survivors and Hellhounds while the Hellhounds paraded around in their omega titan

Death from above+ Unholy alliance the Survivors join the Commander in combating a Corpus and Kane invasion. 

*Corpus betrays Kane and creates an opportunity for the Survivors to kill Dr.Kane

 The Righteous ones: The Sentinels return under Malachi's leadership in search of a relic from before the war however the Commander hides this from the Survivors while they continue to deal with the remnants of Kane . 

 Brother's wrath 
the commander was unsuccessful in stopping the Sentinels from completing their objective however stole the relic after the Sentinels decypted it
 in repose the Sentinel presence increases as Brother Jeremiah's group is summoned to the sector

 Kara takes command of the campaign against the sentinels while sheila opens negotiations with corpus

*Kara is found to have been taking resources from the commander to help fuel the Survivors*

 Roadkill: Highway Zealots enter the sector and form a 4 way war Kara blames Shadow for problems RUBI has had

The Greater Good Sheila convinces the commander, Kara, and Shadow that joining with the Sentinels will be the only way to stop Veng 

 True believers Sentinels appear to be attacking Survivors unprovoked causing tensions to rise between the 2 
Shadow attempts to find the root of these attacks

 blind faith: Corpus finds that Brother Jeremiah has been leading the True Believers 

 The Divide:the factions once again unite against the  True Believers 
Dr.Kane has come back to life to combat the sector again. 

Thorium rush though Road to Hell: Verkraft

 Dreams of the Machine god through Deus ex Machina: Onyx 
Onyx has emerged causing conflict throughout the sector.
Kara challanges Romero to request his assistance with the Survivors 
Due to the massive losses in the war with onyx romero is called upon to assist 

Rising sun-meltdown: Eatern horde [survivors assist in combating the EH]



 Burning dead: Kane (again) 

 Wargames: Kara and sheila play simulated battles on a system created by shadow to see if that fixes rubi [it does]

Red exodus: Survivors fight off against Red Lokusts in defense of the Sentinels to the dismay of Kara.

Metamorphosis-Red Revelation: Survivors continue to engage Red Lokusts without cooperating with the other factions

Rightous Return: Survivors engage possible traitorous Sentinels [later revealed to be True Believers]
   -----Traits [SF Era]-----

-tendancies commonly used by this faction in sf era
*bloodlust-damage increases by 10% per kill
*common use of carrosion [1/2 of troops use it]


Hellhound-a mostly outdated vehicle that relies on move and shoot and bloodlust to engage.

Jericho-a heroic version of the hellhound that on top of move and shoot has extremely long range[575] when given tech, can cause concussion with tech and with his fury tactic greatly improves the firing speed of all nearby allies.

Commando-starting out as the marksman the commando are slow firing special forces that deal massive damage to buildings and vehicles and can apply carrosion when properly teched out. 

[rebellion] Kara- the leader of the survivors kara possess a special blood-lust that will display on the survivor bonus despite not being a faction unit and can apply corrosion.

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    Faction Era

    -faction buff that is applied if you only deploy their units.

    *Warlust:as units on both teams die damage increases for survivors.
    [increases based on capacity 1%=60 cap]

    *Loyalty: 10% damage resistance

    *uses the most status effects in factions*

    [War production]

    Berracks:16-liberator 19-war dog,detonator 20-breacher 22-sharpshooter
    War factory: 22-hammer 25-disruptor. 27-technical

    -------------Gen 1--------------

    Detonators-a suicide unit used in high numbers to swarm against a single high health target

    Disruptor-an elemental support vehicle that deals up to 200% damage against infantry units and can shock or scramble vehicles

    Bonesaw- their first air unit, used mostly for its cryo to slow down big threats before they get to survivor ground forces

    Rick- a bonesaw that fires rockets as it gets damaged.

    Liberators-standard sustain infantry, can target all non-high altitude targets but is easy to kill, best used in swarms in low level bases

    *important to note that while their description says they are immune to burst and corrosion they do not have these resistances as they were since removed.

    Weaver- a heroic version of a liberator: when damaged he gains a 90% damage reduction sheild that lasts _ seconds above level 6 he no longer counts as a hero and can pair with any other hero and at level 10 he gains a 1/4th chance of coming back from the dead.[once per battle must repair between revivals]

    Hammer- a reletively weak tank that slowly builds speed as it drives,and deals crushing damage when driving over things, used mainly as a meat sheild for other survivor units or for bypassing the corpus buff in base defense
    # of projectiles increases per level 4-4-4-5-5-5-6-6-6-7 (ty mx36)
    -Roland- a heroic version of a hammer that buffs the reload speed of nearby hammers, fires twice (3 times when maxed), and with his heroic tech becomes immune to scramble which makes him extremely useful for taking out tesla towers

    --------Gen 2--------

    War Dogs: a melee support unit for the survivors reponsible for 
    *engaging and stunning enemy infantry
    *distracting gunfire from higher value units
    *disabling mines
    *and boosting liberator movement speed
    (at level 10 they get concussion)
    max extends these roles by also being decent against vehicles and buffing breacher movement speed.
    at level 10 his bark's range becomes 100

    Breachers: a weak link for survivors best used with impact webbing and dragon rounds to clear walls for romero

    Skipjack:  a unit that attempts to be a jack of all trades, best to wait until she is level 6 and can go with other heroes.
    gains a second round in her clip at level 10

    Technicals-a highly customizable unit best used for hit and run style attacks
    *MG- the standard technical, deals sustain damage and can hit both land and air.
    *Fire man-Dedicated Anti-Ground technical that deals fire damage and has a +50% damage increase
    *Rocket man-Dedicated Anti-Air technical that deals burst damage and has a +50% damage increase.
    (at level 10 their repair time decreases)

    Has a laser cannon that deals sustain[and lasor???] damage, turret can be replaced by Fireman and Rocketman turrets.
    Buffs the movement speed of nearby technicals

    -----------Gen 3-------

    dedicated snipers best for taking out key targets such as deacons
    *deal unknown amount of bonus damage to infantry

    come with 2 free tech
    *spotter- unarmed drone like unit that can be equiped to buff the range of all nearby sharpshooters
    *stealth- self explanitory

    best to use 1 spotter and 3-4 stealth

    lvl 10: attacks apply busted
    lvl 20: 25% chance to respawn after being killed.

    deals massive damage to a single target, has a sharpshooter as a spotter 

    a gunship that it locked to strafe a base in a counterclockwise direction, 
    cannot fire under F or RUBI, 
    has medium splash and a large bullet spread.
    drops 6 breachers on death
    with tech they can drop an additional 6 breachers or 6 sharpshooters

    [insert name of hero]

    Lancers are artillary gun infantry 
    *recieves 150 extra range in base defence
    *cannot go into bunkers
    *deals bonus damage to vehicles.
    silver tech allows them to disable enemy vehicles and stun enemy infantry
    *must set up and teat down gun between moving and shooting.

    lvl 10: set up and tear down time decreased, gains defensive range increase
    lvl 20:fires 3 shells before reloading.

    [space for lancer hero]

    Excavators: A makeshift tank that is also useful as a battering ram
    lvl 10:increases movement speed
     lvl 20: increases damage to air by 15%


    Siege is a dedicated dropship for ravagers
    Standard drops 11 per pass-Elite drops 33 per pass-Omega drops 55 per pass

    best used as a meat sheild for other ground units to do the rest of the work, 
    ravagers can be good for taking out key targets with their swarm, especially if hunters have been cleared from threatening the siege.

    War rig: best used when most units have been eliminated for cleaning up remaining buildings.

    Romero:-deals massive damage to units with his rocket launcher and chaingun but slows down with his c4 on buildings

    best used to wipe out large chunks of enemy units, 
    can use the splash from his rocket launcher to blow apart nearby buildings is properly baiting. 
    splash from rocket launcher can also hit air and splash against groud targets nearby

    Unobtainable units

    Faction Leader Kara/ War Rig boss

    Have no brakes, cannot stop charging when attacking a base


    -Reskin of the Operator
    -never has tech

    Chopper company, still in development
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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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    Chart of elements and spec ops:

    -spec ops-

    1-2 hours 7 min cooldown
    spawns 6 level 15 technicals

    1-2 hours [7 min cooldown]-unconfirmed but highly probable
    spawns a level 15 war rig

    Note due to being spawned units the above mentioned are immune to railgun fire.

    12-24 hours
    does exactly as it says.


    Survivor Command center

    "Sledge" turret

    with the survivor trait active this turret can get up to 2M dps at maximum level, it is ineffective against zombies and adaptive armor however*

    *note this is done with a low level sledge
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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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