Idea for gear store update

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How about putting 2 medal amounts on the units in gear store.1 for it unbuilt and the 2nd prebuilt.This would help lower levels and players returning to the game get more of the units they need to compete.In game and events.Would save them unlocking a unit only to spend rest of month upgrading storages then collecting res or thor to build them.
  • Loco266
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    But... Everyone has access to Thor thriugh the mission system...?

    Two of them give 5mil and can be done with pre-sf Era units by hitting low level res bases. The main mission has no cooldown so just reroll it until you have kill buildings or units in Rogue faction bases. With the event in two days they can just do the autopilot targets over and over and get as much easy Thor as they need

    I'm starting to understand Magic Bunny's perspective...
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    How about they put things in there that is actually useful to us.
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    Thors not the problem but when they use medals to unlock a unit and it needs 35 mil or more to build.Most lower levels cannot hold that much.So being able to by it prebuilt even at a much higher medal price would be useful to them.Either that or lower the upgrade times on all storages for ever not just for an April deal.
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