Some blueprints are missing in Alien strike

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Is there a particular reason that some ships, weapons and specials are missing in the Alien strike?
For example,
Eclipse driver
Harmonic Xeno Beam Capacitor
Harmonic Xeno Siege Casing
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    Yes. The Alien Strikes were all made right after the Liberator and Eclipse Driver were released. Because of that, those items (they were too new) and all items past then were never added to the Strikes. If you're asking why the Strikes were never updated, it's because Kixeye has been too focused on making new tech to take a little bit of time making sure old tech can be accessed by players trying to catch up. Supposedly they are working on an update to address this sometime in the relatively near future, but as always, don't hold your breath.
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    I agree, i still doesnt have the pegasus vebecause i miss pegasus pvent and i cannot complete my bp until now

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