Attack time vs. Number of Attacks

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I realize I am newer here but for the love of Sanity can we  please have a change made to how the Attack ops work. What I mean is, can we have a limited number of attacks instead a time attack that sucks up 7 minutes of time. I do not like waiting 3 or 4 minutes when the op units die early to continue using the op units. On average I can get maybe 7 uses per hour of the Technical Drift op so instead of a cool down why not have uses meter/counter. Cool downs waste time and when I am limited due to real life restrictions it makes me not want to play more or invest more money or time in something that feels wasteful and frustrating! Please consider this option Kixeye!!
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    I like this idea.

    Saves us time, ops still work in the same manner

    Then the thor time extension would become buying more uses

    If Kixeye wants to add gold to the mix then they could let you buy more uses beyond thor extra uses
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    Good idea,but i dont think they could successfully do it without messing something up.Im sure this is something that involves changing the code in some way or another,so need i say more.
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    They could just lower the cool down timer and make it activate once you launch your attack instead of at the end.That way we would have less time to wait for it,
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    spec ops are a Luxury not a necessity

    I barely use the offensive ops, it's elec, slow mo, and the hookers and now top shelf are the main ones I would use, the rest barely even consider (the burn one was good for zombies tho) 
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    would be nice for the ops with cooldowns
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    I personally have used Technical Drift a lot and the Hand of Malichi but thats because I dont have high level units yet, but working on them!

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