Hammer or Cyclotron beam?

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Which is better for the gargoyle?
Opinions are appreciates
  • fatcoiner
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    Use both.

  • LeonardoW9
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    2 hammer & 3 cyclo or other way around?
  • Ewigkeit79
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    I want to use on Gargoyle this weapons setup:
    1 Hammer Missiles Level 1
    1 Hammer Missiles Level 2
    2 Blight Hammer Missiles Level 2
    1 Cyclotron beam Level 2
  • Zero Calling Elite
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    Do take note that Cyclotron Beam will not be effective against enemy Gargoyle Carriers due to the Surcease Overdrive on the Gargoyle, which disrupts the firing phase of Beam weapons, effectively making them useless.
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  • Daniel.A
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    New carrier is useless
  • Sexy Foxy
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    Daniel.A said:
    New carrier is useless
    Not True... Sovereign can't pass trough Bright Nebula .... is tactical necessary for some future targets...
    Ex ... Mascotte Nova - Blog Vega in Italiano QUI
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