If I make a mistake, I beg pardon or excuse.

Ka Dosh
Ka Dosh
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Recently... No... Few days ago Kixeye announced a 50% ship build discount in the game. The banner kept its place several days until its supposed feature. Instead of that, we only see the programmed 20% commander feature. For myself, I was thinking you was about to run a parallel event for build fleets with discount... A good incentive for buy coins to deploy coined fleets to us... But not!

I don't have any issue if that was another mistake from Kix's guys --I guess there are not girls with power in the company, they just clean floors sadly :'( --

The problem is that again, you are doing wrong things and you don't apologize for that! I don't work there but I believe that there are several guys with enough power for control and change things inside the game. And the lack of internal communications is the cause of such errors. It's time to fix it! You must assign one and only one person dedicated to communicate in the several platforms every event and every issue you have. We can't follow this path! There is angry people right now in the game taking about what happened with that "iniquitous" action made by you! That the forum is the "legal"/"official" channel? Not for a lot people who think that your comm channel is exclusively inside the game--as happened to me recently I knew of this place.

I still believe in you Moderators and Developers! To change a way of do the things from not so efficiently to optimized may take time and resources; but in the long way that will implement better solutions and assertive goals. Just go! Post an apologize as honorable companies do and you will see how with your honorable and good actions, the players shall come to the light!

  • FreeMann2018
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    I have a suggestion for kixeye, which I think works perfectly, "try things" before releasing them, or in other words, not saying or doing anything until everything works 100%.

    Problem solved
    image"Don´t bite the hand that feeds you" should be the motto of any legal company
  • Terry Harry
    Terry Harry
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    I have a suggestion for the player base this is a small glitch at best and easily understandable we could all cut the developers some slack and not beat em about the head with every minor glitch
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