CM Burny why u not respond on Romero contest problem

Potential Threat
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We want CM Burny to explain to us how is possible number 3 to be a winner in Romero contest when hes votes came at 13.3.2018 and voting supose to be finished at 12.3.2018.I got ss of post when Romero contest started said votes will be finished at 12.3.2018 and winner announce at 15.3.2018 at the end of voting at 12.3.2018 number 10 design was first by the votes got ss to prove u even that at the next day 13.3.2018 number 3 start getting votes and past number 10 even if contest was over CM Burny mark him as winner of contest we want some things to be cleared here cause its unfair to the guy who was first to be ripped for the price by the kixeye 
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