A large state of the game (Discussion)

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Here we have a high level player with a lot of infamy 69ing there was suppose to be commentary but my mic didn't seem to pick it up basically TL:DR What incentive do I have to report players for exploiting this to avoid a large aspect of War commander I send tickets on people that 69 all the time with plenty of proof videos and all but there are never any visible known or other minor or major repercussions (Prepare for a rant) Like your knowingly abusing an aspect of a game for an advantage whether everyone can do it or not that is exploiting which to my understanding is a violation of Kixeye TOS and your allowed to do it with no ban no suspension no base reset no ANYTHING I could easily steal something from a store anyone can but theres a punishment for stealing usually a fine or jail time depending on the object your exploiting so why do you not get punished? Again I ask what incentive do I have to report people playing unfairly if there will be no results and if there are no results then whats stopping me or anyone from using an exploit or other TOS breaking means by which to gain an unfair advantage in the game logically speaking there is no single given method to stop 69ing without impacting all the rest of PVP ok I get that but at least punish the people participating in what is deemed wrong draw a line in the sand somewhere otherwise someone else will just walk to your side and take whatever because you never gave them a reason not to

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