when i use lancer unit as base defender-m unable to load

Hussain Amzad
Hussain Amzad
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Support Team Kindly Help me   User ID is: 5318000
i am Facing Game loading issue.many times i tried but m  unable to load my game.

Note:- Today at morning- ( when i use lancer unit as base defender after few minute  m facing loading issue.)

            let me know if any issue with lancer platoons Please check & fix it.i hope you'll help me.

           other game working fine and  Also other player is playing the same game has no loading  issue at Same PC.

 So  Please Help me What should i do.??

Thank's Regard's
  • derek.snelling.10
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    Problems like this with the Lancer have been reported since day 1. I am not going to use it till it works. I think it is just too much for Flash Player
  • Sana Hussain
    Sana Hussain
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    I think it is Flash Player Problem or may be Glitch. but help center need to fix it
  • rakibforyou
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    since it came to game can't use it yet. send a ticket to them. i send and they said its bcoz i m too far from their server as i live in south asia.

    A Broken game trying survive towards wrong direction 
  • it will fitz
    it will fitz
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    I use them, and many others also use them, with no issues
  • MrX06
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    so, someone knows if the problem was resolved? because I have the same problem.
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