SDS7 poor guys ...again?

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why not just give them as prize to gonna be easyer for them to do raid.
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    well i will clam my money back from kix as i have spent a lot in last game to keep up now they done this i am quiting and going to see how much i can clame back from them
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    Rover48 said:
    why not just give them as prize to gonna be easyer for them to do raid.
    How does this help them? According to everyone else they've already coined the 2 hulls and loaded up with coins to blitz through the targets so they can coin up the rest of their new ships so they can smash bases all raid long. 
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    Get over it people !!!

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    There is some information left out here, but let me fill in the blanks. This is a SDS7 ONLY to claim. Meaning if you are not in SDS7 you cant claim the tokens, more specific You have to be a member for at least 2 weeks and have all 2000 allie points done to claim tokens. 

    Thanks again Chris for making this real for us, we  work hard to get where we are. For my allie friends: Go gettum! :D
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    Kalidor55 said:

    Get over it people !!!

    lmao but i think the player base will be beating this dead horse until the raid starts then when they see how bad the punishment is they will switch to that 

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    If Kix wanted big ally to do the raid it not by giving out raid prize and allowing some tokens that they will get them to do so. They should think before they take action.  These tokens are allowing them to built those ships for less coins giving them another advantage. Kix need income now who will pay for this raid.   
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