Coo1ies never give up

Potential Threat
Joined Dec 2014 Posts: 46
Therefor we are still looking for active players or small allies that wants to be a part of this crew. What we do is special and you have to try us. We are from low lvls to high lvls, but love to hit bases across the worlds. The effort you put into us is the effort you get out... Get your 1000 AP every week and we help. We have very skilled base builders, ship builders, tactic planning, tips, tricks, and FUN. No raid, no event, never ever gets boring, bc we have a really good crew. We are grasshoppers and jump. We use TeamSpeak. :smiley:
Try us, add me as friend or hook up OO1 (O the letter)  aka Coo1ies :smile:  
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