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Greetings, Captains. The 9.04 update is deploying Wednesday, January 23rd at ~4:00 PM PDT. This update contains support for equipping Heavy Turrets in player bases, Bounty 17 (with improvements!), a Tier 7 PvP Refit Discount, and the Turrets of Terror Elite Campaign. Check out the details below!


Heavy Turrets with directional firing arcs, similar to the ones in current Siege Targets, are soon going to be available for you to obtain and equip! Here’s how they work:

Step 1: Equip a H-T Heavy Turret Transformer to your Defense Platforms. This transformer is required to equip Heavy Turrets. It also increases the Power Capacity of the turret by a large amount, so that power-hungry Heavy Turrets can be equipped. It also converts the visual appearance of the turret to a Heavy Turret, which visually indicates which direction the turret is facing.

Step 2: Equip a Heavy Turret! Two Heavy Turrets release as prizes in Bounty 17. The first, the Thunderlord Mortar Battery, is a long-range turret with a 180 degree firing arc and a minimum range, designed to provide firing support against long-range threats. The second, Stormbringer Missiles is a penetrative heavy weapon featuring a 60 degree firing arc and a hard-hitting single target missile. Combine this with portals and lurkers to make VERY UNSAFE ZONES in your base.

Step 3: Choose the Defense Platform Facing Direction. Heavy Turrets do not have a 360 degree firing arc, and the strategy for their use comes directly from how you set them up to defend very specific parts of your base. So set the direction you want your Defense Platform and Heavy Turret to face by clicking on the Defense Platform and selecting its facing option. This is the exact same process as setting the facing direction for a defense ship.



Begins: Thursday, January 24th @ 3:00PM PST
Ends: Monday, January 28th @ 3:00PM PST

Bounty 17 includes new features and changes such as:

  • Prizes for ranking on a Personal Leaderboard

  • Bounty Store opens during Bounty

  • When spending Bounty points, secured bounty will be spent before unsecured bounty

  • To prevent the same player from being hit over and over again by the same person, you can now only attack a player 4 times over the course of a Bounty. If you reach your 4 attack limit on a player, you will need to find a different player to attack.

  • 10k Autobank of unsecured bounty changed to 5k

  • The return of flat PvP bounty payouts

The full briefing for Bounty 17 can be found HERE.


A Build/Refit discount for Tier 7 PvP content is running for 1 week!

Begins: Wednesday, January 23rd @ 5:00PM PST as part of the 9.04 deploy
Ends: Tuesday, January 29th @ 5:00PM PST as part of the 9.05 deploy

This 50% discount applies to build time, titanium costs, and basic resource costs of:

  • Tier 7 PvP Conqueror and Defender hulls

  • Tier 7 PvP Ship Weapons

  • Tier 7 PvP Base Turrets

  • Tier 7 PvP Ship Armors

  • Tier 7 PvP Specials


Begins: Tuesday, January 22nd @ 12:00PM PST
Ends: Tuesday, January 29th @ 12:00PM PST

Time to get some limited Tier 7 turrets! Break out your Inferno Dragons and battle to claim great prizes like the Kinetic Motion Cannon and Phlogiston Launcher Turret II.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Halo Missile II (x2 limit); Thermobaric Casing IV; 7d Halo Missile II Token x3

  • [Prize Pack 2] Javelin Turret II (x2 limit); Heavy Ballistic Shells; 7d Javelin Turret II Token x3

  • [Prize Pack 3] Coldsnap Rocket Turret II (x2 limit); Fuel Tank O1-X; 1d Structure Token; 7d Coldsnap Rocket Turret II Token x3

  • [Prize Pack 4] Kinetic Motion Cannon; Phlogiston Launcher Turret II (x2 limit); 3d Phlogiston Launcher II Token x5; 1d Structure Token x2

  • [Relocation] Players can relocate to inactive bases in invalid sectors. Some players had inactive friends in sectors that no longer existed. When attempting to relocate to their friends base, this would put them in a sector that no longer existed. Leaving them trapped in their base and unable to access the worldmap.

  • [Skins] Royal skins not able to be fitted to hulls. Players were unable to equip the Royal skins for the Bat Ray and Razortail

  • [Other] General bug fixes and performance improvements

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  • CM Chris
    CM Chris
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    The VXP Leaderboard payouts were originally scheduled for today but delaying the release also bumped out those rewards. They will be gifted tomorrow morning (Thursday PST).
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