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Hello Captains, WrongThinker here.

The last WTT post talked about two upcoming improvements to Battle Pirates.  The first of these was Battle Reports, which is going to give you more information about combat than you’ve ever had before.  The second was a much-needed update to the way our Defense stat works.

It’s time for a progress update on these important features.


While the final design may differ slightly from what you see below, here is a work-in-progress showing off what the Battle Report feature will look like...

The initial release of Battle Reports will only feature the Damage tab, but we’re designing it with the ability to expand it.  We’ll be able to add more to it in the future, to make sure it’s as comprehensive as the community wants it to be!

As a reminder, damage is broken into three categories: Avoided, Negated, and Taken.  Avoided is what missed you, Negated is what hit you but was countered by Defensive Stats, and Taken is what contributed to your repair costs.  You will be able to use this information to sort out where you’re being successful and what’s giving you problems, helping you to better optimize your build and maximize your Fleets’ effectiveness.


Though we don’t have any pretty pictures to show of the Defense stat improvements we’re working on, I can talk about them in a little more detail than I could before.  While there are various aspects to these improvements, the two most important pieces are the conversion of some Defense to Armor and the conversion of the remaining Defense to a “Defense Rating” system.

At lot of Hulls, especially higher-tier Hulls, are going to get a LOT more Armor than they had before (which will not impact Repair Times in any way).  This will better convey the survivability of your Hulls in a way that was actually pretty hidden before, which should be useful.

With the Defense Rating system replacing the old system, all Defense will now be a flat value.  For example, something might have 1000 Corrosive Defense as opposed to 20% Corrosive Defense. As you place more defenses on your Hull, your survivability will increase, just as you would expect.  So, a total of 2000 Corrosive Defense will always be better than 1000 Corrosive Defense. It’s worth noting that this flat Defense is actually NOT the same as Deflection (Deflection is unchanged). When you equip defense, you’ll be shown how much longer your Hull will survive, which should make it all pretty straight-forward.

Of course, I would not be surprised if at this point you were wondering “what’s the heck’s the point of this new system?”

The answer is: by shifting to this new system, more build options become viable.  This is really, really a huge deal. Right now, if you don’t build your Hulls in a very specific way (which is sometimes different on a per-target basis), you’re going to take an insane amount of damage.  Imagine that someone takes a target for 3 coins and someone else with just 2 specials different can’t take it at all. That stinks! With these upcoming changes, you guys will suffer less for subtle differences in builds, which will allow you to experiment more creatively.  This doesn’t mean that all builds will be equally good, but it does mean that the differences between builds will be much more reasonable and you’ll have way more freedom to customize your Hulls and experiment without being brutally punished.


Right now, these changes are on track to go live in the month of February, but we’re not going to release them without significant internal testing and several limited player previews to ensure as smooth a release as possible (and we’ll delay them if necessary to ensure we get them right).  You’ll obviously get a lot more details at that time, since many of you will actually get to try out these features yourselves.

With these changes, we really believe we’ll restore some sense to Battle Pirates and restore more of the fun to customization and combat!

Until next time, Captains, this is WrongThinker signing off.


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  • VladBP
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    Stephen_B said:
    I am concerned about "the conversion of some Defense to Armor".  What are the implications to repair time?
    That's my question also more armor usually means more repair time. If i'm not mistaken 1-sec/armor point or at least that's what it used to be
    Repair rime is 1 point per second which is then changed by the repair modifier.  Changing defense to armor, in the absence of other changes, will most certainly increase repair times.  Whether there will be other changes, and if so, whether they will be effective, remains to be seen.  Considering the fact that this company is the same one that couldn't figure out the difference between a 175% rank bonus and a 400% rank bonus, I am not hopeful....
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  • WrongThinker
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    Stephen_B said:
    I am concerned about "the conversion of some Defense to Armor".  What are the implications to repair time?
    Stephen_B said:
    I am concerned about "the conversion of some Defense to Armor".  What are the implications to repair time?
    That's my question also more armor usually means more repair time. If i'm not mistaken 1-sec/armor point or at least that's what it used to be
    Repair times will NOT change.  I have clarified this in the post.  Sorry for the confusion.
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  • Dan Stanley
    Dan Stanley
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    so this is for ALL hulls, not just Conq/Def??
    and all the specials will be revised for compatiblity?

    Are we moving entirely away from percentage defense stats to strict numerical? How would that possibly work for a special that buffs explosive defense by 10%? How can that be expressed as other than a  %?

    Are turret stats also going to be revised for consistency? Are we finally going to have a sensible, understandable way to relate base turrets with ship weapons?

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  • will.jacks.1
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    stupid fcking fm is breaking my back  where the fck u expect players to make time, some of us still grind hard
  • Piratekiller_BOB
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    I like the idea of a new way to see defense on my Hulls! Say a hull  has 99.1% defense. How much damage exactly can we defend against? Then you add on the +160% said defense from a fleet bonus. What is your defense? I bet it's higher then we even know. So kix has to adjust damage to make sure that we are punished for a mistake. That is the whole point in driving is to avoid damage. But the way armor and fleet buffs are now if your fleet is even .01% less in one defense. You can not do the targets. Like we all found out in the last raid. Missing even 1 eradicator, made it impossible to do the top end targets. Actually even the low end targets beat them up if not a full fleet. With a better system kix can make it like it use to be before all these fleet buffs provided to each hull in the fleet! Where one little mistake didn't kill your fleet. All you guys do is start crying. I for one would like to have a more tangible or understandable defense value! Not sure if the direction they are going in is right, but at least I will know the exact amount of damage I can avoid. Never been a fan of the defense percents. With the crazy defense we are able to have. a diff in .001 % can mean your fleet lives or dies. I agree a change is needed. I just hope this is the right way.
  • gilbert.skeins
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    eradicators sucked so hard this past raid   i find my shipyard empty longer and longer   think about that kixeye on a raid fleet
  • CourtneyL
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    It just continues to b l o w me away these are the things you guys are working on after you promised us a better experience. We our going on our 3rd month now since revamp with this joke of a pvp. Get the game in a good place and then work on stuff like this. I dont think we will ever get out of limbo mode. I challenge you to that.

  • Angus_B
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    more really bad ideas from a bunch of people who can make anything bad.   no real knowledge of what a GAME is anymore

    go back to how it was 4/5 years ago before all the crap stats were introduced
  • tamdhu
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    will wait and see how this works but atm not enough information to say one way another , but it needs to be simple to understand and work out not more complex stuff, It also needs to lead to no increase in damage , it would also be nice if the kix shipyard also showed you the finished stats  for when the ship is in a fleet... Also with all this extra armour how will that affect vxp and ranking ?
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