Missile Defense in weapons lab

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Missile Defense in weapons lab

I built missile defense place in base dcd took me 5 mins to get back in now missile defense still has 2 hours 14 mins to build 

Sent ticket in got reply :smile:

 Hello Commander, 

I am Kevin from the players support service, as a long time player, I understand your passion for this game and the frustrations associated with it.

Thank you for writing in, and I am sorry this is happening to you.

I have marked this ticket, so the team will view it, as soon as they can, and hopefully investigate this as soon as possible.

and in the meantime, may I suggest the usual cache cleaning and browser restart, advice?

Have a good day, Commander! 

Ticket closed no reply from kixeye staf !!!!!!
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    I would guess that you encountered some form of synchronization issue with the weapons lab production timer which caused the bastion to appear to be fully build few hours earlier than intended. If you still encounter this issue 2.5 hours after experiencing this issue, please let us know.

    Moving thread to the community support forums.
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