a request to kix.

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any chance at all of.... 
1, reducing the cost or extending the use time of hand of malachi ops. 30 mins for 30,000 medals way over priced.. please can you reduce the cost or extend time to an hour.(yes I do know you can extend with thor)
2, any chance of adding repair logistic to gear store either for medals or blood thor
I just used the free one from xmas and saved over 9 hr repair.. thank you for that.

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    It would be nice if we can buy a logistic for medals, but I think it would need to be expensive... like 1M. I don't think there is any hope though. Even at 1M medals I think it would be a loss for Kix, as many people can farm their medals full in a couple hours.

    Perhaps a more realistic posibillity would be a 2 hour repair logistic for 300k or something like that, but Kixeye are not as inventive with the gear store etc as they could be...

    I agree the jug op is a bit too expensive. at 30 min that is only 3 shots of it... and that is assuming the cooldown works properly and lets you deploy when it's supposed to.... , which it doesn't always as we all know.

    I think the electric op is most powerful and that only cost 10k,...  so certainly the cost of malachi op is a bit out of balance.
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