So is kixeye really going to fix everything but what we need fixed

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Survey showed attack should be unlimited, data was even posted KIxeye you said you heard players really
second survey  and no data was posted 

The reason for new 10 minute cool down on hit, get real no base have I seen or heard of this not on game or even seen this on forum the base was hit many lost alot of infamy yes 

I never seen or even heard of any base losing infamy with out attack on base, player were not required to deploy unit. but base was attack, this is like the exploit why our base toon dont heal player had found a way to heal there toon never seen that either, 

An infamy is an exploit also a clan take 100,000 and moves it from base to base let say 50 player oh wait that 100,000 just turned into well lets say it close to 500,000 if you can push it through 5 base so 200 base is well 2 million, Large clan are will give sector if ask by moderator, but for now we will jst say they drop tag after being out of sector to hit bases and move infamy then add tag back if this is an exploit call it what ever you want infamy pvp season is currently a joke so simply by moving infamy from 1 base to another it make large clan do very little work and gain max payout.

THIS IS my observation to current state of game 

1. we need out platoon to heal the next toon when not online,
2. we need someone to look at payout for high level player attacking lower level player 49 attacking a 36 losing almost 400 infamy and no way in hell can a level 36 flat a 49 for the exact same amount but it is alway less for low level to bubble a base 13 level higher get real kixeye really lift foot to face and beat face on boot 
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