Pharmakon Plasma Weapon Specials

Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose
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Can we please, PLEASE, have these specials released WITH the weapons they are meant for, and not at the end of the season like the Blight ones were for the Umbra season? I know that the new season literally just started, and this may be what they are planning, I just want to make sure.
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  • FreeMann2018
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    In my personal opinion, the weapons modules SHOULD be released at the same time as the weapons, because if they do not, that means that the liberated weapons do not have the necessary support to be "competent" like the rest.

    What has happened to the Blight damage weapons (Umbra faction)? only 20-30% of the players have used them ... why? because they did not have any module that made them competent, either in speed of firing (Apex Impaler), bonus to the damage in area (Incendiary Corpus) or in firing range (Thermic Disuptor); So players have been "FORCED" to use other options and combinations of modules with basic damage weapons.

    I hope that the modules for the "plasma" version weapons have the same support as the rest of the basic weapons, if not, and kixeye only releases that technology at the end of the Pharmakon session, we will see the same result again, only 20-30% of players will prefer to use normal weapons, instead of using plasma weapons.
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