Downtime 1/10 1:45AM PST: Trojan Cruiser Crafting Changes, Magnetic Collar Fix, and Missions Fixes

CM Dade Murphy
CM Dade Murphy
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We are currently preparing for an unscheduled downtime. There are two bugs which are being fixed: 
  • The Magnetic Collar (all levels) does not affect ship mass.
  • Loot Drops for Missions not dropping as intended
We're also reducing the Trojan Cruiser's Upgrade Token crafting times to match the Wraith Cruiser before Cipher begins. I've included the old values, new values, and the difference between them here:

LevelOld ValueNew ValueChange
Mk218h 54m
23,245,833 Ore
11h 39m
24,408,333 Ore
-7h 15m
+1,162,500 Ore
Mk31d 13h 48m
20h 15m
48,816,667 Ore
-17h 33m
+2,325,000 Ore
Mk42d 8h 42m
69,737,500 Ore
1d 23h 18m
73,225,000 Ore
-9h 24m
+3,487,500 Ore
Mk53d 3h 36m
139,475,000 Ore
3d 1h 15m
97,633,333 Ore
-2h 21m
-41,841,667 Ore
Mk 61h
69,737,500 Ore
73,225,000 Ore
+3,487,500 Ore

Any ships which become overweight after the Magnetic Collar fix will be eligible for a free refit.

I will update this post with the time of the downtime as soon as possible.
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