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A new threat has entered our galaxy with technology far superior than anything we’ve ever encountered. The Trojan Cruiser utilizes phasing with weapons that deal damage over time. Destroy them to gather intel so we can reverse engineer it for our own use. Business as usual!

BEGINS Thursday 1/10/19 @ 3:00 PM PST
ENDS Monday 1/14/19 @ 3:00 PM PST


NameLevelPointsDrop 1Drop 2Drop 3Spawn Location
(Co-op) Umbra Pursuer (α)1201,250,00015-20x Thermic Disruptor III Fragments25-30x Blight Elements
Residential Sector
(Co-op) Umbra Pursuer ( β)1201,250,00015-20x Incendiary Corpus III Fragments25-30x Blight Elements
Residential Sector
(Co-op) Umbra Pursuer (γ)1201,250,00015-20x Apex Impaler III Fragments25-30x Blight Elements
Residential Sector
Umbra Calamitous1101,000,00025-50x Node Armor III RI Fragments25-50x Plasma ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Calamitous100400,00015-30 Atrophy Router I RI Fragments15-30x Plasma ElementsCarmine Nebula
Pharmakon Torrent (Blitz)
Min Blitz: 40
Max Blitz: 150
90250,0006-15x Tera Cannon III RI Fragments10-15x Plasma Elements
Residential and Carmine Nebula
Umbra Purgatory1101,000,000Mk V Manticore Battlecruiser Box25-50x Havoc Cannon 4 RI Fragment25-50x Spectronics ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Purgatory100400,000Mk IV Manticore Battlecruiser Box15-30x Havoc Cannon 4 RI Fragment15-30x Spectronics ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Purgatory90250,000Mk III Manticore Battlecruiser Box6-15x Havoc Cannon 4 RI Fragment10-15x Spectronics Elements
Residential and Carmine Nebula
Umbra Hellion1101,000,000Mk V Ogre Battleship Box25-50x Nova Missile 4 RI Fragment25-50x Pyrochemistry ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Hellion100400,000Mk IV Ogre Battleship Box15-30x Nova Missile 4 RI Fragment15-30x Pyrochemistry ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Hellion90250,000Mk III Ogre Battleship Box6-15x Nova Missile 4 RI Fragment10-20x Pyrochemistry Elements
Residential and Carmine Nebula
Umbra Devourer1101,000,000Mk V Medusa Destroyer Box25-50x Atomic Driver 4 RI Fragment25-50x Gravimetrics ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Hunter100400,000Mk IV Medusa Destroyer Box15-30x Atomic Driver 4 RI Fragment15-30x Gravimetrics ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Hunter90250,000Mk III Medusa Destroyer Box6-15x Atomic Driver 4 RI Fragment10-20x Gravimetrics Elements
Residential and Carmine Nebula
Umbra Abyss1101,000,000Mk V Wraith Cruiser Box25-50x Nova Cannon 3 RI Fragment25-50x Blight ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Abyss100400,000Mk IV Wraith Cruiser Box15-30x Nova Cannon 3 RI Fragment15-30x Blight ElementsCarmine Nebula
Umbra Affliction90250,000Mk III Wraith Cruiser Box6-15x Nova Cannon 3 RI Fragment10-20x Blight Elements
Residential and Carmine Nebula
Umbra Fiend80100,000MK V Phoenix Frigate Box5-10x Blight Elements
Residential Sector
Umbra Fiend7040,000MK IV Phoenix Frigate Box1-5x Blight Elements
Residential Sector
Umbra Decayed6018,000MK III Phoenix Frigate Box
Residential Sector
Umbra Sinful90250,000
10-15x Bastion Cruiser Elite Upgrade Fragments
Residential and Carmine Nebula
Umbra Sinful80100,000Mk V Bastion Cruiser Box
Residential Sector
Umbra Sinful7040,000Mk IV Bastion Cruiser Box
Residential Sector
Umbra Rotten6018,000MKIII Bastion Cruiser Box
Residential Sector
Umbra Rotten508,00020-25x MK1 Bastion Cruiser Fragments
Residential Sector
Umbra Rotten403,000
Residential Sector

PrizeTypePointsMax Claims
Pharmakon Trojan CruiserBlueprint2,000,0001
Tera Cannon IIBlueprint800,0001
Tera Cannon IBlueprint400,0001
Spectral Screen IIIBlueprint800,0001
Spectral Screen IIBlueprint400,0001
Spectral Screen IBlueprint150,0001
Node Armor IIBlueprint800,0001
Node Armor IBlueprint400,0001
Manticore BattlecruiserBlueprint2,000,0001
Medusa DestroyerBlueprint2,000,0001
Ogre BattleshipBlueprint2,000,0001
Wraith CruiserBlueprint2,000,0001
Phoenix FrigateBlueprint1,500,0001
Bastion CruiserBlueprint1,200,0001
Manticore Battlecruiser MKII Crafting BoxCrafting Box250,00030
Medusa Destroyer MKII Crafting BoxCrafting Box250,00030
Ogre Battleship MKII Crafting BoxCrafting Box250,00030
Wraith Cruiser MKII Crafting BoxCrafting Box250,00030
Phoenix Frigate MKII Crafting BoxCrafting Box200,00030
Bastion Cruiser MKII Crafting BoxCrafting Box175,00030
Havoc Cannon IIIBlueprint800,0001
Havoc Cannon IIBlueprint400,0001
Havoc Cannon IBlueprint150,0001
Atomic Driver IIIBlueprint800,0001
Atomic Driver IIBlueprint400,0001
Atomic Driver IBlueprint150,0001
Nova Missile IIIBlueprint800,0001
Nova Missile IIBlueprint400,0001
Nova Missile IBlueprint150,0001
Nova Cannon IIBlueprint400,0001
Nova Cannon IBlueprint150,0001
Thonian Armor IIBlueprint800,0001
Thonian Armor IBlueprint400,0001
Ablative Tungsten Armor IIBlueprint800,0001
Ablative Tungsten Armor IBlueprint400,0001
Thermic Disruptor IIReusable Instance300,00012
Thermic Disruptor IReusable Instance250,00012
Incendiary Corpus IIReusable Instance300,00012
Incendiary Corpus IReusable Instance250,00012
Apex Impaler IIReusable Instance300,00012
Apex Impaler IReusable Instance250,00012
Sunder Thruster IIIBlueprint800,0001
Sunder Thruster IIBlueprint400,0001
Sunder Thruster IBlueprint200,0001
Blight Weapon Disruption ResistorReusable Instance300,00012
Plasma ECHO ResistorReusable Instance250,00012
Plasma Pierce ResistorReusable Instance250,00012
Plasma Stasis ResistorReusable Instance250,00012
Plasma Shell IIIBlueprint400,0001
Plasma Shell IIBlueprint200,0001
Plasma Shell IBlueprint100,0001
Plasma Resonant Armor IIIReusable Instance300,00012
Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret IIReusable Instance200,00012
Epsilon ECHO Cannon Turret IReusable Instance100,00012
ENAL Tungsten PlatesReusable Instance500,00020
EXAL Tungsten PlatesReusable Instance500,00020
KIAL Tungsten PlatesReusable Instance500,00020
Xeno Focused Apertures IIIReusable Instance250,00012
Xeno Focused Apertures IIReusable Instance200,00012
Xeno Focused Apertures IReusable Instance150,00012
Yellowjacket Wing IIIReusable Instance600,00012
Yellowjacket Wing IIReusable Instance300,00012
Yellowjacket Wing IReusable Instance150,00012
Gold Event Mystery BoxBox30,00030
Silver Event Mystery BoxBox15,00030
Altairian 24hr Crafting TokenToken750,0006
Altairian 24hr Ship Refit TokenToken750,0006
Altairian 24hr Ship Build TokenToken750,0006
AXIS 24hr Crafting TokenToken250,0006
AXIS 24hr Ship Refit TokenToken250,0006
AXIS 24hr Ship Build TokenToken250,0006
XENO 24hr Crafting TokenToken150,0006
XENO 24hr Ship Refit TokenToken150,0006
XENO 24hr Ship Build TokenToken150,0006
21,000,000 Antimatter Resource80,00099
53,000,000 Helium Resource60,00099
53,000,000 Mineral Ore Resource60,00099
10,500,000 Antimatter Resource40,00099
26,500,000 Helium Resource30,00099
26,500,000 Mineral Ore Resource30,00099
1,500,000 Antimatter Resource10,00099
5,500,000 Helium Resource7,50099
5,500,000 Mineral Ore Resource7,50099
500,000 Antimatter Resource2,50099
1,500,000 Helium Resource1,50099
1,500,000 Mineral Ore Resource1,50099

Gold Event Mystery Box May Drop:
Paladin Carrier Hull
Decimator Cutter Hull
Punisher Cruiser Hull
Seeker Missile III Credit
Seeker Missile II Credit
Seeker Missile I Credit
Xeno Armored Hold III Credit
Xeno Armored Hold II Credit
Xeno Armored Hold I Credit

Silver Event Mystery Box May Drop:
Dominion Carrier Hull
Annihilator Battleship Hull
Exterminator Destroyer Hull
Suppressor Hull
Cluster Missile III Credit
Cluster Missile II Credit
Cluster Missile I Credit
Xeno Munition II Credit
Xeno Munition I Credit

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