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Greetings, Captains. The 9.02 update is deploying Tuesday, January 8th at ~4:00 PM PDT. This update contains support for the January Raid and its campaigns.


Begins: Wednesday, January 9th @ 3:00PM PST
Ends: Sunday, January 13th @ 3:00PM PST

The January Raid, VENGEFUL FIRE, features our new siege targets that are complete with mountain terrain and heavy turrets. These targets are a ton of fun to navigate and a brand new way to play Battle Pirates.

Battle hard and earn the SHRIKE, a submarine that only fires when stationary and surfaced but packs a heavy punch. Full briefing and reward store will be released on Tuesday, January 8th.


Begins: Thursday, January 10th @ 3:00PM PST
Ends: Sunday, January 13th @ 3:00PM PST

Not quite ready for the Raid? Break out your Icebreakers and tackle this campaign to claim the Cannoneer - along with some fantastic equipment and build tokens.

  • [Prize Pack 1] Cannoneer Blueprint; 1d Cannoneer Build Tokens x9; Large Cannoneer VXP Tokens x2

  • [Prize Pack 2] Millennium Gun Blueprint; 1d Cannoneer Build Tokens x10; Large Cannoneer VXP Tokens x2

  • [Prize Pack 3] High Velocity Rounds Blueprint; 1d Cannoneer Build Tokens x10; Large Cannoneer VXP Tokens x2

  • [Mastery x3] 20d Cannoneer Build Token x1


Begins: Friday, January 11th @ 9:00AM PST
Ends: Sunday, January 13th @ 3:00PM PST

For those elite players who claimed the Shrike early and want to take it for a spin, grab a friend and take on this bonus Co-Op Campaign that requires both a fleet of Eradicators and a fleet of Shrikes.

This campaign is a mastery run, with only one encounter and three repeats. The first time one of these powerful targets is defeated, any player in the target receives a special badge acknowledging you defeated it during its initial introduction.

Additionally, the player who owns the campaign will earn one of each limited item featured in the target: the Annihilator Cannon and the Stalker Launcher.

This is a tough one - so good luck!

  • [Forsaken Mission] Able to get full amount of points without completing the target

  • [Expedition] Uranium Expedition buildings cannot be destroyed

  • [Fleets] Canceling an ongoing slow refit was visually returning a ship to an already full fleet

  • [Forsaken Mission] Post combat UI popup would disappear before players would interact with it

  • [Limited Hull] Removed limited hull icon from Gathering Storm weapon that was being displayed with the Brennus Bat Ray

  • [Blueprints] UI update to blueprint shards tab to display arrows when two tabs are available

  • [Reticule] Was appearing offset when fleet was stacked

  • [Mega Ship] Item was appearing red after selecting module in inventory

  • [Walls] Number of walls was exceeding cap if placed quickly

  • [Art] Currency icons were missing from the store on Kixeye Live

  • [Crew] Button text was missing when a fleet is out at sea

  • [Fleet] Eradicator ship image was covering health bar in Dock

  • [Other] General bug fixes and performance improvements


  • [Fleet] Recall button added in Dock

  • [Fleet] Join Battle button added in Dock

  • [Dock] Updated UI text when a fleet is in battle

  • [Locator] Bases sort in the locator by difficulty

  • [Dock] Reduced selection area for selecting fleets

  • [Settings] Added ‘Auto Select All Ships’ button, when starting battle, all ships will be automatically selected

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