Potential Threat
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This Is a recruitment thread for Battheship12 [BS12].

We are looking for players to join us, preferably above LVL 65 and can do the FM, we are open to accepting newer players (Below 65) providing that you are online frequently and are making active progress to improve and grow your base.

If you wish to join please PM me:
- Your LVL

I will respond to all requests as swiftly as possible.

We are located in Sector 8, any new members will be required to jump to us, upon approval you will need to add myself on kixeye and PM me (In Game) your facebook so you can be added to the group page.

We are not an alliance that hits in-sector, we do not hit during raids unless provoked, we are an old and small alliance looking to expand slightly. Our small and friendly ethos will not change, so no aggressive and mean behaviour will be tolerated.

ANY irresponsible behaviour will be dealt with accordingly.

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