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Howdy Folks;

COOT is still recruiting new/ experienced player; all we ask(but not required) is for you to help us get alliance points every week; help our lower level player with raids, campaigns with co op enabled; we move sectors frequently; so we do not stay in one sector the whole time. we also ask our new players NOT to hit in sector; we will not tolerate this; if you hit a player in sector on purpose you will be given a warning on your first offence; if this escalates to more hits in sector after your first warning not to do it; you might find yourself booted...other than that; we ask that you have fun in our sector; we're a nice bunch; so if you're interested; please PM me or my alliance admins if you have any questions or concerns that you wish to discuss.

we also ask that you try and play for at least a couple of hours a day/week( whatever suits you best) 

thanks and happy hunting
COOT is recruiting; please PM Scorpious_DOW for details
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