Looking for an Alli

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I am a lvl 95, I play everyday. Looking for an active alli with little to no rules. Want to play and have fun. Still trying to play catch up with this game. Need help with ship builds and advice for base. 
  • Lakhbir Singh
    Lakhbir Singh
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    we're recruiting atm; if you're interested pm me and i'll talk to my alliance admin; or u can talk to them yourself
    COOT is recruiting; please PM Scorpious_DOW for details
  • Geminiman1969
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    alli? sector? rules? Don't know how to PM anyone on here.
  • young4ever
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    i am recuiting as well trying to build an alliance but hard to find players that hold to my views,,no chores needed but apreciate all the help a player can give also not a fan of insec hitting,,,alliance name is UNPL,,,,,  united players

  • Capt_PostalB
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    Geminiman1969,  What sector are you in and what is your base name?  Our group is in Delta World.

  • leonvdburgh
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    Hi. We in sector 22 RXR. we don't insec. We have guys in same boat as you. Have page with info.
  • WildChild3
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    Hi there - we are in sector 55; we dont insect or hit during raids; unless hit first.  We have lists of turret builds, ship builds and dead bases which everyone can add to and make use of.  Would welcome a private message from those looking to join one of the oldest alliances in the game.  My game name is Rey and I am the leader.  
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