Corporate Command

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Written in association with @Adel Wael @MX36 @drag0nsun @HotSausage ; and @ErwinRommel2016

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Pre-war: Corpus is an arms and armor manufacturing, research and mercenary service organization 
*great war happens corpus takes on a defensive mentality

 Nighthawk Corpus enters the sector and establishes themselves in abandoned cities

Nightfall: Corpus troops are found more commonly around cemeteries in the sector

 Night's end It is revealed that kane paid corpus to invade the sector

 Aftermath Doran deserts Corpus with several engineers

 Isolation: Deena assists the commander in combating the eastern horde

 Death from above+ Unholy alliance the survivors join the commander in combating a corpus and kane invasion. 
(corpus betrays kane in unholy alliance and denounces their mercenary status)

 The Righteous ones 
The sentinels return under malachi's leadership in search of a relic from before the war however the commander hides this from the survivors while they continue to deal with the remnants of the corpus and kane invasions.

Brother's wrath 
the commander was unsuccessful in stopping the sentinels from completing their objective however stole the relic after the sentinels decrypted it
in repose the sentinel presence increases as brother jerimiah's group is summoned to the sector
kara takes command of the campaign against the sentinels while sheila opens negotiations with corpus.

Highway zealots enter the sector and form a 4 way war
kara blames shadow for problems rubi has had

The Greater Good 
Sheila convinces the commander, kara, and shadow that joining with the sentinels will be the only way to stop veng 

 True believers 
sentinels appear to be attacking survivors unprovoked causing tensions to rise between the 2 shadow attempts to find the root of these attacks

 Blind Faith: 
corpus finds that brother Jeremiah has been leading the true believers

 the factions unite against the 
The Divide: true believers 
 Resurection: kane
 Thorium rush though Road to Hell: Verkraft
 Dreams of the Machine god through Deus ex Machina: Onyx 

Rising sun-meltdown: Eastern horde, during this assault it is found a rouge corpus agent assisted in mutoto's escape and stole an undead serum viral from corpus hq

Burning dead: Kane (again)
one of the virals are recovered from a widowmaker

 Wargames: Kara and sheila play simulated battles on a system created by shadow to see if that fixes rubi

Red Exodus:[Main] [Faction]
 Shadow and corpus heroes continue to investigate the corpus breach while attempting to free POWs held by the Red Lokusts. corpus looses a major battle against the red lokusts

Metamorphosis: corpus' defeat at the lokusts allows them to continue their pow shipments, sasha spreads news that creates rifts in the alliance

Red Revelation: the alliance is no longer working together and is rather competing with eachother to be the ones to defeat the lokusts,
[main] [corpus]

Rightous return:  corpus investigates TBs in the area, it is revealed that broJ has access to rubi somehow disrupting communications between the broken up alliance
[main] [faction]

Great awakening:Bro J says his goal is to bring back the machine god. and it is noticed that TB tech has improved significantly

Deliverance : corpus looses a major battle against the TBs, and meet up with sheila and malachi's forces, it is revealed that onyx tech is being used by the TBs and that RUBI has onyx systems within her

Final reckoning: corpus and the sentinels regroup with the survivors to push out the TBs.
[main] [corpus]


corpus has mostly units that rely on stealth and duel fire
 with some artillery units as supports
-------SF units-----
older units that rely on their tech to stay relevant
cannot be deployed in faction bases

lead inf/Infiltrator-
Targets land and air
a stealth infantry best used to apply shock with charged ordnance to save on "its electric" ops when shock is an important element to apply
reccomended loadout:

shock grenade+charge ordanance apply shock status effect.
ABA-increases the minimum number of shots to kill the unit for burst
Press the attack is team leader exclusive and is used to lessen the damage penalty of charged ordnance
flak ords increases damage to air 
drum magazine increases fire rate to make better effect of the above.

Targets land and air
a hit and run vehicle best used as an infiltrator who dropped stealth for speed

recommended load-out:
  • charged ordnance-applies shock
  • corrosive coating-applies corrosion
  • rail mag+rapid loader=shoots faster, making better use of the 2 above tech.

Target land and air
an artillary style vehicle capable of firing over walls
*doran has a tactic that allows him to fire additional rockets for a short time, and increases the armor value of narby nightmares

target land
 a hit and run stealth aircraft that can do massive damage to buildings and apply cryo when teched out
*deena has a tactic that grants her use of a minigun that can target air units, and increases the reload speed of nearby cyclones.
best used when timing the landing of projectiles with the time to end the attack to safely destroy high value buildings in pve

shredder is deena exclusive and allows her to target air for a brief period
Nitro rockets increases damage to infantry and applies the cryo status effect
Loading motor increases fire rate allowing you to fire missiles faster
precision targeting and siege rounds both increase damage allowing you to get more out of using cyclones

Targets land and air
a large airship with a fleet of drones, effectively a nerfed jug shot with limited ammo, a barrage of missiles and its own bloodlust that increases movement as it kills in omega form.

Night owl-
Targets ground
suicide air that usually gets its target but dies doing so

Targets ground
a mostly outdated artillery air used primarily in october because of their fire tech if at all
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    When allied to and deploying only corpus units they are equipped with adaptive armor which makes them take no higher than 15% of their health (meaning a minimum of 7 shots from a railgun, hunter turret and nova)

    they also receive a 10% damage resistance

    *best air force of the playable factions

    War production:
    Berracks: 18-spartan 20-drakon  21-cerberus
    War factor: 21-hades 25-phalanx 26-cyclopse
    Airfeild: 31-apollo 34-fury 35-Sphinx

    Gen 1
     generalist classes meant to fill most roles for beginners 

    Targets land,air, and missiles
    basic trooper for corpus, can be stealthed, use fire tech and is a zealot killer [deals bonus damage to verkraft and highway zealots making the unit super effective when storming those factions.]

    Targets land and air
     move and shoot unit that targets up to 3 units at once, spawns 2 spartans that level up with the phalanx at 90-70-50-30-and 10% health then 6 controllable ones when it dies.

    phalanx are best used for kiting and are immune to shock,
     biggest weakness is their vulnerability to scramble and multi-projectile shots

    *Andrew can fire at 4 targets at once, is immune to scramble, and deploys spartan ZKs in place of spartans

    dedicated AA unit,
     best used in large groups with the following loadout
    A.D.S rounds-NERA Armor and Heavy Ordnance Training

    Targets land
    Air tanks best used against burst damage,  can apply concussion with tech.
    *Oren fires slower but does more damage per shot,deploys drones below 25% hp (50% lvl 10), increases the damage of nearby appollos and has an abnormally high resistance to burst damage. when maxed with his gold tech he can effectively become an envoy for corpus

    Targets land and air
    hit and run air with drone sheilds, nyx increases fury movement speed, and increases personal fire rate as she takes damage in a single 
    *Nyx increases movement speed of nearby furies, can be immune to scramble with tech, and increases firing speed as she takes damage
    --------Gen 2------

    Targets land,air, and missiles
    long range infantry that deal increased damage the further they are but less as they get closer, 
    their shots have tracking and can only miss if the enemy de-spawns
    -best used in bunkers
    (level 10+ they get a temporary speed boost after getting shot for the first time)
    *Santiago has no penalty to firing at close range

    Targets land and air with tech
     sustain tanks that increase damage as they fire;
     best used for clearing large swarms of infantry but can also do decent against most vehicles, 
    tech is fairly important to this vehicle but when optimized against a specific army greatly improves performance.
    (level 10+ they can use stealth)
    *Polly applies scramble making her unkillable to many rouge faction vehicles and turrets and a vital support piece.

    Gen 3[current]

    capable of firing at up to 4 different targets at level 20 while moving, groups of sphinx (3+) can easily overpower many vehicles when underestimated, they can also lend vital support to allied troops with their gold tech that essentially turns them into flying caretakers
    (Can shoot at more targets as they level up)

    is only slightly different in that he targets up to 5 things at once and does a spinny move when he gets to 50% hp (however during this he becomes temporarily immune to scramble), though he has one of the best zombifiers in the game (though be careful as this can hurt him when caretaking ground units) 


    a infantry unit used for a more utility purpose than a combat one
    best used to target a building deep inside a base to give their drones a forward position in the team to sheild their allies, when things get desperate their blaster does the same damage as a tank's cannon at higher levels
    level 10 they get to deploy 4 drones
    level 20 they deploy drones at an accelerated rate.

    leonard has air drones aswell as ground drones that recieve reduced damage compared to other cerberus.


    jet pack trooper that is a hard counter to HZ/VK and gen 2 uniques, highly resistant to burst making it perfect for assaulting sharpshooter and hunter heavy bases, it also acts as an air unit in cave bases giving you a huge advantage over the ground based defenses.
    lvl 10: movement speed increases.
    lvl 20: attacks lock onto target.

    A painfully slow anti-infantry high altitude unit, best saved for after most anti air has been wiped out before deploying to safely clean up any heavy anti-ground or anti both defenses.

    lvl 10: increased movement speed
    level 20 increased time gas is deployed.

    provide the best support to a corpus army when synergized with a complementary hero

    Targets land and air
    a support ship main attack drains power from turrets, but most damage comes from a fleet of untargetable drones 
    (note splash damage will kill drones)

    best used in elite form with drone command and power inverter techs
    • drone command gives its drones an unlisted spawn rate increase on top of its increased drone count and projectile speed.
    • power inverter allows you to turn enemy power plants into bombs.
    • Aura effect uncertain [guessed to be advanced stealth by adel]
    works well with air heroes 

    targets land
    range reducing anti-ground tank, useful at any level.

    Works well with Polly and Santiago 

    Targets land and air 
    fires a nearly undodgeable projectile that charges based on current health [currently has a maximum charge time of ~50 seconds]
    Has splash damage directly proportional to charge time (based on 30 seconds, x>30-small splash X<30 -large splash

    When firing against a building with a BLUE support turret it is always better to fire on the support turret first as their platform has less health and thus is faster to take out.

    targets ground and air
    has multi target of up to 16 targets
    can move and shoot at the same time.
    can only be used in base defence, platoon battle and holdout

    Best used as a support piece in base defense and holdout.
     best paired with andrew, dumb fire escorts and phalanx to deal a large amount of damage to opposing hordes in your base.

    Aura Ranges:

    -Spawned units- units that come from the effects of other units
    *Spartans: Spartans are a weaker form of spartan zk spawned by the phalanx at the health intervoles of 90% / 70% / 50% / 30% / 10% health remaining with 2 spawning at each for a total of 10 spartans spawned this way, these 10 cannot hit air but cannont be controled, as a spawned unit they cannot be targeted by rail-gun turrets.  when the phalanx dies 6 spartans that can be controlled spawn with the same properties.

    * Cerberus Drones:

    When an allied Cerberus unit has the "hyper deployment" tech they will spawn 8 of their drones on death, these units are capable of being targeted by rails but can have the corpus buff effect them. they are always considered to be shooting by the game and therefore are best to be sent ahead of your other troops.


    Targets land and air
    *pilots the "pernocter" blackout
    *improved health from a standard blackout, attacks apply the scramble status.



    Reload Types:

    left off:
    *heroic units as they fire identically to the standard unit
    *Nova- reload is buffed by damage buffs (Fatality)
    *Cerberus drones-they are unaffected by reload
    *Blackout drone- difficult to measure

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    ---------Spec Ops-----

    12/24 hours
    deploys 4 max level Apollos in your base

    1/2 hours
    when you deploy ground units 5 lvl 15 drakons join your attack, as spawned units these 5 drakons are unable to be targeted by railguns making them useful for an aggressive support

    1/2 hours
    adds 10 level 20 furies to an attack

    ------------Buildings and trophies--------

    Corpus command [shielded]

    wall skin

    Lead storm turret: First corpus faction turret, 
    is capable of firing at 5 targets both land and air and is overall the best turret corpus can equip.


    A downed cyclone and furies.

    "Target practice"

    Rock paper scissors


    Burst damage < 15% damage cap + burt resistance
    Low numbers generally< generally average numbers
    High splash zone> drone sheild
    high resistance < weapons that ignore armor
    Busted>strong bunker units
    long range with minimum range penalty< move and shoot + stealth
    long repair<medium repair
    seeker lock on> move and shoot


    Adaptive armor<Sustain damage
    Busted>high numbers in bunkers
    average numbers<high numbers
    multi-target>high numbers
    reletive immunity to statuses< most status effects
    Average repair<shortest repair


    many ground units that can cloak still leave a shadow.
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    "the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
      the pessimist looks down and loses the path
      the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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