kixeyes stupid ideas

clever dick
clever dick
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due to kixeyes planning fm campaigns bounty all happening the same period its causing loads of problems for me and most players lag is worse than ever at moment i cannot refit/ build any hulls due to lag and repairing damaged fleets is a hit and miss affair but kixeye know about these problems yet continue to blame the players computers and internet connections im not a person who normally swears but what the f**** are kixeye thinking  im  sure it aint the players game satisfaction

  • Yabanut
    Minor Nuisance
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    problems been happening since Bounty started, map targets not being recognized and having to go back into base view and back to map to rectify the issue a few times while doing FM targets. So reducing sectors DID NOT work as intended to reduce lag !
  • rayden
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    I agree  reducing the sectors  did not help  just compacted the problem by cramming everyone closer together  rather than spreading them out
  • Damon Skilling
    Damon Skilling
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    Could I also add that joining Bounty maybe fun, but like orgies, shouldn't be entered accidentally. So let's move that join Bounty button to beside launch fleet button, rather than directly below (in case of lag or overly keen mouse wheels)
  • William Pintainho
    William Pintainho
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    This is easily the worst bounty without any ability to secure the hard earned points. I guess we keep being fooled that the Kix team are listening to us then they turn everything around again to try to get us to spend more money by giving us too many campaigns and not letting us quit bounty when we find out how it actually works. More information before we join would be great but again I got sucked into it and don't have the time needed to hit back because I have a family that wants to do more things than stay at home all day. Very angry!
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