T8 Siege Cycle Strategy Guide

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The Eradicator (December) and the Shrike (January) are the two upcoming T8 Siege Season Hulls. Both have different playstyles and strengths, and both are capable of defeating all Tier 8 and Tier 9 targets in Siege Cycle Events. Whichever hull you choose, you will be able to complete sets with equal total damage (dependant on the skill of the player driving them, of course). As an option to decrease repairs further you can pick up both hulls, so that each can run against the targets against which they excel, but again this is just an option.

The following is all the intel we have at our disposal on what the Reavers are cooking up and how best to fight back against them no matter which hull you use!

Arm yourself with knowledge, Captain… it’s half the battle!


Enemy Defenses



Firebreath Cannon

High Power

Short Range

Smokebelcher Thrower

Difficult to Avoid

Long Reload

Hellstorm Launcher

Moderate Damage

Dodgeable; Medium Firing Arc

Slugthrower Javelin

High Damage; Long Range

Narrow Firing Arc


Long Range

Projectile Blocked by Mountains

Reaver Cav Tower

Surface Subs

Doesn’t Shoot

Enemy Defense Details

Firebreath (NPC - Easy Difficulty)

The Firebreath is a powerful, but short range, turret that deals predominantly Ballistic damage.  The key to defeating is not getting too close. Keep your distance and you won’t take a shot from it.

Smokebelcher (NPC - Moderate Difficulty)

The Smokebelcher deals both Ballistic and Radioactive damage.  This turret can be difficult to avoid, but has a very long reload time.  Take them out between shots!

Hellstorm Launcher (NPC - Moderate Difficulty)

While the Hellstorm Launcher packs a predominantly Radioactive punch, it is avoidable.  Either avoid entering its relatively wide firing arc or stay moving to avoid its projectiles!

Slugthrower Javelin (NPC - Moderate Difficulty)

The Slugthrower deals massive amounts of long-range Ballistic damage that can be launched from far away.  Though this damage can not dodged, it can be avoided completely by not entering the Slugthrowers narrow firing arc.

Omni-Javelin (NPC - Hard Difficulty)

The Omni-Javelin is a massively long-range turret that deals primarily Ballistic damage.  Though the Omni-Javelin has a long-range, it is not able to shoot over Mountainous Terrain.  If you’re being fired on by an Omni-Javelin, be sure to use Mountains for cover.

Reaver Cav Tower (NPC - Support)

The Reaver Cav Tower, as its name implies, projects a Cavitation aura around it.  This won’t be a huge threat to the Eradicator, but should be avoided with the Shrike.

Mountains (Terrain)

Mountains offer something new to Battle Pirates: an indestructible barrier to projectiles.  This can limit your angle of attack, but also provide valuable cover against certain threats, since some enemies will be blocked by Mountains, as well.  The Shrike’s paired weapon, the Raptor Launcher, can fire over Mountains, allowing it new angles of approach.

Tactical Options

Eradicator (Siege Cycle Hull - December)

The Eradicator is a fast and furious hull.  When enemies are destroyed near the Eradicator, it gains a stacking temporary Frenzy buff, which increases Combat Speed, Defense, and Reload.

Success with the Eradicator comes primarily from looking for opportunities to be aggressive and stay aggressive, as the Eradicator is always at its weakest before it starts taking out enemies.  Look for opportunities to stay in range of enemies while minimizing the number of enemies that can fire on you to maximize opportunities for destruction.

Shrike (Siege Cycle Hull - January)

The Shrike is a bold and unique sub in the world of Battle Pirates.  The Shrike can only shoot while above water, but moves very quickly underwater and pairs well with the Raptor Launcher, which can fire over Mountains.  The Shrike’s Launcher also adds stacks that trigger a massive shockwave!

The Shrike is most successful when engaging in highly tactical precision strikes: move into position, surface for as little time as possible to detonate a shockwave, then duck back under the surface to move the next position.

Good luck in the Tier 8 Siege Cycle!

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