The Dragon's Oathswarn

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Mulan-Girl worth fighting for
The last wolf suite
Samurai Champloo - Shiki No Uta (HQ)
story[red text are links]

Operation Iron March: MAYHEM builds a massive army to invade the sector with but a mysterious figure offers us mercenary support to stop them.

Iron Reign- MAYHEM,Armored Corps, and the Highway Zealots form the superpower confederacy "Ironstrike"

Iron Lord- our Mercenary allies claim to be the remnants of a faction known as "Ryu Kai" and bring more powerful weapons into the sector to continue the war against ironstrike 

*Victory against ironstrike*

Dragon's Oath-Ironstrike is defeated but Ryu Kai troops continue to move into the sector with the intent to take control of the sector

Inferno-The Ryu Kai troops have stopped entering the sector but  their castles bring with them the flame grates as defenses against the resistance put upon their invasion

Afterburn-The war continues and the ryu kai begin to get desperate

Scorched earth- seeing the impending defeat the Ryu kai muster together whatever they can including several prototypes to go out in a blaze of glory

*before operation: Resurrection kane's forces engage several ryu kai bases that had dotted the map

Battle Hardened-
+Ryu Kai units take less damage from explosives and bullet weapons
- weak to ion,energy,fire,and corrosive weapons


Mercenaries (single use units designed by the RK to drop down behind enemy lines)
*All mercs are immune to shock.

  1. Marauder- Fires machine guns made for older infantry and air units.
  2. Wrecker- fires missiles, can fire over walls, designed for buildings
  3. Striker-fires lasers, has the highest overall damage.

Ryu Kai inventions (units developed independently by the RK)
  • Guardian-useless-designed to be more of a tank in its day then a damage dealer it does vary little to impede modern units.
  • torch/scorcher-cannons fodder-while they were good tanks to use at the time of their invention they have little cance of killing modern units
  • Ronin-enemy command- provides a buff to other ryu kai units while also dealing decent damage on its own, one of the few ryu kai units that can still contend with modern units (though only the weaker ones)
  • Javelin-long range AA sniper- with ranges that have been unparalleled until the creation of the envoy a well protected javelin has been the bane of floating turrets, javelins also serve as the Ryu Kai's dedicated aa unit
  • ONI MK. II-kamikaze-fixed wing aircraft that almost always hits its target due to its speed  but almost always dies doing so due to its health.

Adaptations (units built by the RK with the design or technology of another faction)

  • Chimera- a large helicopter like unit made with ion weapons stolen from ironstrike-doesn't stand a chance with modern units.
  • Elite Widowmaker Prime-A command unit based on the Widowmaker series designed by the Eastern Horde, then adopted by ironstrike 
  • Hovertank commander-a buff based unit based on the hellhound's hover-tank, it is meant to increase a hover tank's firing rate as they loose health
  • Vanquisher commander- based on the ironstrike vanquisher to improve ___

[this unit is of unknown capabilities]


RK Flame Grate Control Building.

flame grate burns for 10s then is cold for 10s

Used to train mercinaries
occasionally is used for ryu kai war production.

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"the optimist looks up and loses his footing.
  the pessimist looks down and loses the path
  the strategist looks forward and adjusts accordingly" 
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