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Greetings, Captains. The 8.47 update is deploying Tuesday, November 20th at ~4:00 PM PDT. This update contains The PvP Refactor, Tier 7 Refit Discounts, Outpost 11 PvP Defense Upgrades, and a new fleet hitting restriction to prevent PvE fleet sniping. Read the full details below!


Alongside the PvP Refactor release, new Outpost 11 upgrades are becoming available to fully complete the Tier 7 picture. These upgrades include new levels for Walls, Defense Platforms, and Portals. It also includes one new Portal! Stat blocks will be posted in a separate briefing, but all new levels include increased power capacity, health, and defense stats (where applicable).

In addition to these new levels, power generation on the Outpost has been increased, along with the power maximum of Warehouses.


You can now upgrade Walls by row, using resources. Hallelujah!


We have put restrictions in place to prevent PvE fleet sniping. Fleets containing purely Garrison, Skirmish, Siege, Assault, or Generalist hulls cannot be attacked on the world map.

If a fleet contains even a single Conqueror or Defender class hull, it can be attacked.

CM Notes:

  • Guard fleets are always attackable

  • Base hitting rules are unchanged

  • An attackable PvP fleet will display a Conqueror Crown icon over the top of it.


Following a final player preview, the PvP Refactor is ready for its initial launch! As GoldenDoodle announced, we will be continuing to take feedback on board regarding this change, and have done whatever we can to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

The complete itemized list of stat changes will be posted as a separate briefing. One item outside of ship stats that is worthy of note is that damage in the shipyard has changed from displaying as additive to multiplicative. There is no functional change, as battles have always used the multiplicative damage calculation, but this will result in a notably visual difference.


To smooth the transition of the PvP Refactor and allow everyone some level of experimentation for their builds, the following items are going into effect with the update:

  • A 70% refit discount will be active for 48 hours following this update, and applies to Tier 7 Conqueror/Defender hulls, Tier 7 PvP Ship Weapons, and Tier 7 PvP Base Turrets. This reduces time and resources, not just gold cost.

  • Refit tokens that apply to Tier 7 PvP content will be credited to users across separate segments, which vary based on the amount of Tier 7 PvP content a user group has already built.


Begins: Wednesday, November 21st @ 9:00AM PST

Ends: Monday, November 26th @ 9:00AM PST

A bacon-themed special activity, filled with bacon skin prizes, a special chest for our hull collectors, and the first official Tier 8 PvP hull, the Breacher Dreadnaught! Full briefing and prize list will be posted separately.

A reminder that alliance rosters and relocation will be locked for the duration of this activity and the duration of the prize redemption period!

  • [UI] Certain player levels were visually locked at 129, despite players being a higher level. This has been fixed, so players stuck in this state may notice their player level jump a few levels very suddenly.

  • [Buildings] Some players were experiencing duplication of buildings in their base.

  • [R&D] Locator wasn’t showing R&D bases

  • [Other] General bug fixes and performance improvements

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