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I was just considering whether to start upgrading my phantom, so I checked on Wiki and saw that phantom has 140k dps at level 40. That just doesn't sound right, cuz my level 12 phantom has 331.2k dps. Also I haven't seen any posting from Troy for some time now. 
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    The information provided on the wiki may not be 100% accurate at all times. If you see that stats has changed, you could inform Troy about these changes or perform edits in order to make the stats more precise.

    By the way, here is the actual stats for the level 40 Omega Phantom.
    • Speed: 8.0
    • Health: 4,400,000
    • Range: N/A
    • Damage statistics
      • Damage/second: 1,073,327
      • Reload: 5
      • Clip Size: 1
      • Damage/shot: 160,999
      • Fire rate: 1
    • Size: 715
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